Mongolia. "The Equestrian" by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Equestrian

by Leonardo da Vinci

This bronze in a height of 24.3 cm is the only known original sculpture made by Leonardo da Vinci. It is probably his last work for the King Francis I. of France in 1519. The first impression leads to the fact of the well balanced horse which is standing on the backhands only.

In prior years Leonardo was studying giant horse man monuments for Francesco Sforza (1499) and Gian Giacomo Trivulzio (1507) in Milan. Some of the existing drafts of the design are genius - but Leonardo could not realise them.

This bronze represents the legendary King Arthur but showing the characteristic face of King Francis I.

The 3–D minted motive on this coin shows the front and the rear side of this equestrian masterpiece. The original is on display in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary.

Face value:500 Togrog
Metal:Silver .999
Weight:1 oz
Diameter:35 x 35 mm
Mintage:2'500 pcs.

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