Netherlands €5 2011. Silver. Centennial of the Utrecht Mint Building. Proof

Netherlands 5 Euro 2011. Silver. Centennial of the Utrecht Mint Building. Proof

In 2011 the Netherlands celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Mint building in Utrecht. To honor the centennial the Dutch Ministry of Finance authorize the issue of an additional commemorative coin this year.
    A special feature on this coin is a 2D (two dimensional) QR barcode. This graphic image stores information both horizontally - as one-dimensional bar codes do - and vertically. QR barcodes are often used in conjunction with smart phones. The user simply photographs the barcode with the camera on a phone equipped with a barcode reader. This function enables the user to see relevant websites on his smartphone.
    The coin was designed by an engraver at the Dutch Mint, Juan José Sánches Castaño. He makes a point of contrasting the old and the new as a central theme of his presentation, with the bar code positioned within a representation of an old screw press that sits in the lobby of the mint. The obverse bears a traditional presentation of Queen Beatrix.
    The first strike was scheduled for June 22.

Metal: .925 silver    silver plated cu-ni
Weight: 15.5 grams 
Diameter: 33 mm     
Quality: proof  
Mintage: max. 12,500

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