Germany €20 2017. 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Silver Proof

On October 31, 2017, Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg church castle celebrates its 500th anniversary.

The design is characterized by an independent visual realization of the theme 500 years since the Reformation.



The bust of Luther is from the painting byLucas Cranachs the Elder. Done in 1529, but at the same time appears in a contemporary interpretation. The portrait of the Reformer and the text of the 95 theses appear equally. The value page shows an eagle, the lettering "FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY," and value, the mint mark "A" of the Berlin State Mint, the year 2017 as well as the twelve stars of Europen and the indication "SILVER 925."  

While celebrations in earlier centuries were kept national and confessional, the anniversary of the Revolution ought to be shaped by openness, freedom and ecumenism. In 2017 we aren’t just celebrating 500 years of the Reformation, but we are also reminded of the role the Reformation played in the development of the modern age. Therefore, the impulses that had effects even reaching into our modern age will gain center stage. What started in Wittenberg in the 16th century changed Germany, Europe and the whole world. (www.luther2017.de)


Value Metal Weight Diameter Quality  

€20 .925 silver 18 gm 32.5 mm Proof



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