Hungary 10,000 Forint 2016. Budapest Zoo: 150th Anniversary. Silver Proof

To mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Budapest Zoo, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank is issuing a 10,000-forint silver commemorative coin designed by Gábor Kereszthury. 

The front depicts a bird native to the Carpathian Basin, the great white pelican, with the Bird House designed by Károly Kós in the background. The image on the coin also includes the silhouette of a pelican sitting on a bare tree. The back features an image of a white rhinoceros and its calf, against the backdrop of the Zoo’s Great Rock.

Quality Metal            Issue limit   Diameter          Weight  

 Proof   .925 silver   5,000           39.6x26.4 mm 31.46 g 


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