Hungary 2,000 Forint 2015. Mohács National Memorials. Antique bronze.

National memorials of Hungary - II

The battlefield at Mohács, scene of one of the most tragic events in Hungarian history, has officially been a national memorial site since 2012. In recognition of the nation's heroes and the memorial site, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a HUF 2,000 brass collector coin as the second part of the series "National Memorial Sites". It was designed by Virág Szabó, who depicted grave markers created by Pál Kő as memorial posts at the Mohács memorial site on the coin. The official symbol of the Mohács National Memorial is found on the back, too, along with the overall symbol of the National Memorial Sites in Hungary.

Diameter: 37 mm

Weight: 18.4 grams

Mintage: 5,000

Quality: bronze patinated

Edge: milled

The first part of the collector series - the Somogyvár-Kupavár coin - issued in 2014, can be found here.

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