San Marino €10 2015. 150th Anniversary of the Death of Abraham Lincoln. Silver Proof

San marino has done something even the USA would not do -- issue a coin on the occcasion of the 150th anniversay of the death of Abraham Lincoln.


San Marino noted an honor that it had given Lincoln and in a letter of thanks dated May 7, 1861, President Lincoln acknowledged the fact that San Marino had bestowed upon him honorary citizenship. The first four words of that letter, "Great and good friends; appear on the reverse design by Matthew Dent, a British designer.

In Lincoln's letter to the regent captains of San Marino. he continued: 'Although your Dominion is small your State is nevertheless one of the most honored in all history. It has by its experience demonstrated the truth...that Government founded on Republican principles is capable of being so administered as to be secure and enduring”


Metal .925 silver

Weight: 22 g

Diameter: 34 mm

Quaity: Proof

Mintage: 6,000


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