Hungary 10,000 & 2,000 Forint. 100th birthday of IstvŠn Homoki-Nagy


The Magyar Nemzeti Bank has issued a silver and a non-ferrous metal collector coin to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kossuth Prize winner film director and cameraman István Homoki-Nagy. The director’s documentary films dealt with the Hungarian landscape and fauna. In Hungary, his name is closely associated with scenic filmmaking.


The center of the obverse of the commemorative coin bears a representation of a pointer, a dachshund and a hunting hawk, the main characters of the film ‘Cimborák’ directed by István Homoki-Nagy. The inscription on the lower edge of the obverse reads ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’, with the value numeral and the inscription ‘FORINT’ placed above, positioned to the right. The left and right sides of the coin refer to the perforation of a film reel. The mint mark ‘BP’ and the mint year ‘2014’ are positioned parallel to the left edge.

The reverse bears a portrait of director István Homoki-Nagy during shooting with a camera. The initials of designer Andrea Horváth are on the lower right edge of the coin. To the left of the portrait, the coin is inscribed with ‘HOMOKI-NAGY’ and ‘ISTVÁN’ in two horizontal lines. The inscription ‘1914-1979’ is in the centre. The lower left edge of the coin is inscribed with ‘Gyöngyvirágtól’ and ‘lombhullásig’ hand written, referring to one of the films by the director.

The normal coin is struck in .925 fine silver. It weighs 31.46 grams and it is 30 mm in diameter, with a smooth edge. The non-ferrous metal coin weighs 22.5 grams and has the same diameter and coin design as the silver version.
The mintage limit of the silver collector coin is 3,000 pieces in proof finish and that of the non-ferrous metal version is 3,000 in BU finish.

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