Hungary. 20& 10 Forint 2020. Heroes of Emergency. 1st Day of Issue Set

Hungarian Circulating Coins for the Heroes of the Pandemic

The National Bank of Hungary issued new 10 and 20 Forint commemorative circulation coins on July 14 with identical designs and the theme of “Respect to the Heroes of Emergency.” It is dedicated to people who worked and are working through the COVID-19 epidemic crisis in roles such as bus drivers, shop assistants, couriers, and people in health services.
An open competition was organized for the design of the thematic side of the memorial coin. Entries included many created by children. The winner was the graphics designer Krisztina Kovács from Hodmezovasarhely, a town in southern Hungary.

The 24.8 mm 10 forint is 6.1 grams of copper-nickel. The 20 forint is 26.3 mm and 6.9 grams of a copper-nickel-zinc alloy. Two million pieces are being struck of each, from which a maximum of 12,000 pieces are being set aside in first day of minting blister packaging. They are being offered while available for $14.95 each including shipping.
An additional 2,000 pieces proof will be packed in 2020 dated Proof Sets towards the end of 2020.

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